QAS Agenda - Feb 27

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7:00 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Paddlers Who Motivate Us
Kevin Callan 

During the initial Covid lock-down, during the early spring of 2020, author Kevin Callan interviewed 25 renowned paddlers (by a virtual whiskey fireside chat) who have spent their lives motivating others to go wilderness canoe tripping. He has now summarized them all and highlighted the best parts; icons such as Cliff Jacobson and Ray Goodwin, notable authors James Raffan and Roy MacGregor, You Tube celebrities Joe Robinet and Johnathan Kelly, film makers Frank Wolf and Becky Mason, wilderness guides Hap Wilson and Paul Kirtley, paddling musicians Jerry Vandiver and David Hadfield, and many, many more. You won’t want to miss this one. 

Verlen Kruger Award
Verlen Kruger (1922 to 2004), a world record canoeist from Delta Mills, Michigan, was named “The River Guardian” at the 2003 Quiet Water Symposium. Every year since then, the Kruger Award has been given to a person who has supported and promoted paddle sports along with water conservation, education, or history in Michigan. The 2021 award winner is Deana Jerdee, Executive Director of Paddle Antrim, Elk Rapids, MI. Deana plays a vital role in promoting the Chain of Lakes Water Trail and continues to introduce many new paddlers to the joys of exploring Michigan waterways. Join us as we recognize the many ways in which Deana’s work makes it much easier for you to find your next adventure.