QAS Agenda - Feb 18

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7:00 PM EST


SUPerior to Sea-Paddleboarding from Duluth to the Arctic Ocean
Jared Munch
Based on an unprecedented 920-mile, 39-day unsupported journey from Duluth, MN to the southernmost tip of the Arctic Ocean, this presentation dives into the finer skills of stand-up paddling while providing an overview of the journey—before, during, and after. The presentation utilizes the main adventure as a storyline while occasionally deviating to side-topics including winter surfing in Lake Superior, whitewater stand-up paddle boarding, elite SUP racing, and more.
Canoeing Magic: Function and Style!
Lynn Dominguez and Paul Klonowski
Join Lynn and Paul to explore the functional side of canoeing with a little style thrown in to keep things lively! They will provide hints and tips to making a successful lifetime journey with your canoe. Included will be strategies for making the correct canoe choice and the magic of canoeing with grace and efficiency. The art of Freestyle canoeing may even make a cameo appearance! of Freestyle canoeing may even make a cameo appearance!
7:30 PM EST
Preparing for Backcountry Canoe Camping: Simple and Satisfying Food Solutions
Chris Hanna
Assembling food and cooking equipment for backcountry travel is all about balancing taste, nutrition, and portability. If you have seen one trip, you have seen one trip. The presentation will provide emphasis on key fixins’, packing tips, freebies, equipment, and a pinch of silliness. Specifically, food options, cost-savings, multi-purpose equipment, cooking with gas, dessert options, freeze-dried v. dehydrated, and the proverbial spice kit “borrowed” from others. Every trip provides another opportunity for doing it better next time.
Ultralight Canoe Camping in the Boundary Waters
Rob Kesselring
Paddling light does not mean deprivation-just the opposite. Learn proven strategies that will make your canoe trips easier, more fulfilling and more fun. Less is more! An entertaining, information-packed session from one of the most experienced canoe guides in North America.
8:00 PM EST
A Thru-Hiker’s Journey: 2013 thru-hike of the North Country Trail
Luke Jordan
Come hear a story about a hiker's journey over the nation's longest scenic trail, what he calls the "crown jewel" of the national scenic trail system. Chronicling a journey of 4600 miles, it's a story of struggle to overcome obstacles and to continue on in the pursuit of achieving goals and personal growth.
All Boats Float: Welcoming People of Color into Paddling
Andrea Knepper
We all love paddling. How can we share our passion with under-represented communities, specifically black, indigenous, and other people of color? Hear from a panel of young paddlers of color about their experiences entering the sport and why they stuck around. They will share concrete steps that you or your club can take to become a safe and welcoming paddling community. Sponsored by the American Canoe Association (ACA) and Chicago Adventure Therapy.
8:30 PM EST
Build a Wooden Boat (You Can Do It)
Allen Deming
Award-wining boat builder and instructor Allen Deming will present a concise overview on the two most popular types of home built wooden boats. He will reveal the techniques, tools, time and materials involved in constructing your own small craft. Whether you choose to stitch up a plywood vessel or use the strip-built technique you can have your own lightweight and exceptionally beautiful craft, within a relatively short time.
Polymet and the Great Lakes: Sulfide Mining’s Potential Effect on Lake Superior
Scott Beauchamp
Foreign corporations are trying to open copper sulfide mines in Minnesota, which threaten to pollute some of the cleanest water in the country. PolyMet, a copper sulfide mine proposed by Swiss conglomerate Glencore, would be an ecological disaster for Lake Superior. It would be located in the St. Louis River watershed, where contamination would flow into Lake Superior. This type of mining has a perfect track record of pollution. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the threat that this type of mining poses to Minnesota and the Great Lakes, and what you can do help protect clean water.
9:00 PM EST
Birds, Berries, and Bugs!
Jen Owen
Learn fascinating facts about bird migration, what birds eat throughout the year, and how to make your backyard attractive and beneficial for native birds.
Motivation of the Grand River Expedition’90 and Why It Matters
Valerie Fons
Reinhold Niebuhr wrote; “Nothing true, beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history.” A historical marker was dedicated at the headwaters, but we couldn’t know that Grand River Expedition’90 would birth watershed advocates, win a Take Pride in America Award and replicate in 2000 and 2010.

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