QAS Agenda - Feb 23

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7:00 PM EST


Introduction to the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
Paul Klonowski
Find out about wooden canoes, Association activities, Regional Chapters and activities, the global reach of the organization, and just what it is that makes wooden canoes so alluring.
Cold Water Paddling Safety Tips to Prevent Hypothermia
Jay Hanks
Paddling on cold water during the off-season can be beautiful as well as challenging. In this presentation you will learn how to dress and protect yourself if you fall out of your boat in cold water.
7:30 PM EST
RUNYAKING: Combining Paddling and Running
Riley McLincha
If you are physically capable, next time you paddle on a river, try getting back to your vehicle by running. Better yet, do the more exhausting part first, then reward yourself with a pleasurable paddle after. But don’t stop with one day; come back next time, start where you left off and keep going. Choose a final destination that will take many days. Make it an expedition.
Top Paddling and Hiking Trips on Canada’s Lake Superior Coast
David Wells 
In this presentation you’ll get a sampler of the best hiking and paddling routes on Canada’s Lake Superior coast. Routes include Pukaskwa National and Lake Superior Provincial Parks, Sibley’s giant whale tail, the Slates, Pic and Michipicoten Islands. David will describe key must see features for each route along with logistics and tips to facilitate your travel.
8:00 PM EST
Damn, I’m Hungry…Backcountry Appetizers for a Quick Stoke
Michael Gray
Whether you’ve just come off the water after a high output day or are looking to change up your lunch game, sometimes you need food right now! So…let’s have something to eat while we think about what we’re going to cook...we’ll create some creative quick snacks while we prepare a few other appetizers.
Pathfinder ~ Fifty Years & One Hundred Rivers (Part 1)
Hap Wilson
Guidebook writing and the art of Pathfinding. Wilson has been mapping wilderness routes since 1970 and has produced some of Canada's most popular canoeing guidebooks. But they aren't just to make rivers safer for canoeists: Wilson uses his guidebooks as an environmental tool to protect sensitive river ecosystems.
8:30 PM EST
Birding 101: Learn the Basics and Refresh Your Birding Skills!
Linnea Rowse
Learn the birding basics to get started on your birding journey. Already familiar with birding? Use this presentation as a refresher before spring migration begins. We will cover optics, field guides, etiquette, and technology, along with some identification basics. Participants will learn about the most common bird families found in Michigan, key identifying features to look for on a bird, and how to use field guides or apps to improve your birding experience.
Pathfinder ~ Fifty Years & One Hundred Rivers (Part 2)
Hap Wilson
Continued: see description above. 
9:00 PM EST
Paddling Destinations Worldwide!
Rob Kesselring 
There will be life after COVID and there are some incredible paddling opportunities out there: wilderness rivers, turquoise lagoons, vibrant cultures, peculiar biomes. These international opportunities are not limited to the super-rich. Kesselring has paddled rivers and archipelagoes all over the world and he is a cheapskate. Learn about destinations that are beyond belief, but within your reach.