QAS Agenda - Feb 16

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7:00 PM


Learn How to Resist Biting Insects with Repellents, Insecticides, Head and Body Nets...and “Attitude” (Part 1)
Cliff Jacobson
If you want to get eaten alive by bugs, go to the Canadian Arctic in June. The black flies and mosquitoes which live there weigh more than ten times as much as all the plants and animals put together! An acre of swarming bugs could drain all your blood in about three days! We’ll check out “your enemies”— and learn how to resist them with repellents, insecticides, head and body nets, specialized clothing and “attitude.” Recommendations for children and pets are included. There are some tricks. Believe it!
Outdoor Songs for Kids of all Ages
Camper Cait & Jerry Berry
Join “Camper Cait” and “Jerry Berry” as they team up virtually with boys and girls all over the country to sing along, dance and play fun new songs about everything outdoors. New songs include “Let’s Go Outside” and “Outdoor Mom,” along with some past favorites like “Canoeing with Daddy.” Suggested for children ages 3 to 103.
7:30 PM
Learn How to Resist Biting Insects with Repellents, Insecticides, Head and Body Nets...and “Attitude” (Part 2)
Cliff Jacobson
See description above.
Beginning Birding and Birding Close to Home
Kristy Taylor
If you are new to bird watching or are looking for more ways to enjoy the nature around you, join Kristy Taylor from the Michigan State Bird Observatory and Capital Area Audubon to learn more about beginning bird watching, bird identification, how to find great spots to bird close to home and apps you can use to become a better birder!
8:00 PM
Almost Forgotten Portages, Paths, and Paddles of the Great Lakes
Thomas Funke
The west was settled through the Great Lakes. Since the glaciers retreated, indigenous people created the paths & portages European explorers & fur traders used to conduct their explorations and commerce. Where are these routes & what happened to them? Are they still around today? Can I hike, paddle or portage them?
Carved by Nature: The Ice Age National Scenic Trail
John Van Barriger
For day trippers or thru-hikers, the Ice Age Trail is one of North America’s premier hiking destinations. Yet this 1,140-mile route is surprisingly little known. John has hiked numerous sections of the Ice Age route and will provide an overview to this all-in-Wisconsin trail, which was carved by glaciers when woolly mammoths roamed the earth. He also will discuss resources available to plan your own great adventure!
8:30 PM
Hiking a Moosewatch Expedition on Isle Royale
Loreen Niewenhuis
The longest-running predator/prey wildlife study in the world is based on Isle Royale. Each year, volunteers gather to hike an expedition to retrieve moose bones to help scientists understand the relationship between moose and wolves on the island. Loreen led the first all-women team on this expedition.
Hazardous Waters: Identifying and Managing the Risks
Jonathan Ahlbrand
According to the U.S. Coast Guard, hazardous waters and operator inexperience are key contributing factors to paddling fatalities. Every year paddlers take to the water without consideration of the inherent risk that hazardous waters pose, or even the ability to identify the hazards.
9:00 PM
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