QAS Volunteers Make It All Happen! 

The show could not go on without volunteers. And as a thank you to those volunteers who 'make it all happen', we offer free entrance to the symposium after 2 hours worked. We have key roles prior to the symposium that need filling, and many on Friday for setup and of course on Saturday.

To Volunteer for Friday Set Up or Saturday Day of Show, please use the button below to view and SignUp for opportunities.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp

We have some key roles that will require slightly more involvement prior to the event. If you are skilled in and enjoy the following roles please contact your volunteer team directly via email.
  • Keyboard Warrior/Social connector
  • Social Connector/Designer
  • Social Connector/Video Enthusiast
  • Online Technician/Creator - Familiar with .pub files

QAS is also recruiting "groups" so if you know a scout or club organization, please have them get in touch with our volunteer team directly via email.

Your QAS volunteering team can be emailed at: volunteer@quietwatersociety.org

If you find yourself short on time, but overwhelmed with the desire to volunteer please check out our social pages. We are encouraging you as emphatically as a website allows to help with our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube connections by finding posts, liking and sharing as frequently as possible.