Newsletter - January 2021
by Gary De Kock

Kevin Returns to QAS

We are still working to recruit a few more presentations for QAS 2021. To see what people and topics we have on the tentative schedule so far, visit our website and look for 2021-Virtual QAS.

One speaker who many will not want to miss is Kevin Callan. His presentation carries the impressive title, "Paddlers Who Motivate Us". During the initial COVID-19 lockdown, in the early spring of 2020, Kevin interviewed 25 renowned paddlers. He has condensed their words of wisdom into his 2021 QAS presentation.

Verlen Kruger Award

On February 27, during the QAS Grand Finale, there will be a short award ceremony to honor one of our best. The Quiet Water Society is proud to announce that Deana Jerdee has been selected to receive the 2021 Verlen Kruger Award. Deana is the Executive Director of Paddle Antrim. The Paddle Antrim Festival, which takes place on the Chain of Lakes Water Trail, was started in 2015 and is a high profile event in our paddling community.  Deana's organization has exhibited many times at QAS, so many of you have benefited from her efforts to promote paddling and water trails. Deana also stands out because she is a certified ACA Coastal Kayaking Instructor and has introduced many people to the joy of paddling. 

The Kruger Award is given annually to a person who has supported and promoted paddle sports along with water conservation, education, or history in Michigan. Deana easily qualifies for the award because the mission of her organization is to" protect our water resources by using paddle sports to connect people to our waterways. Through stewardship, education, improved water trail access, and promotion of our waterways we will increase water resource protection and enhance the economic vitality of the region".

Join us on February 27 to recognize Deana's many contributions to the paddling community.

Registration is OPEN!

Registration to attend the 2021 Quiet Adventures Symposium is now open. Please visit our website or click Attendee Registration. With an event spread out over five evenings and with 40+ presentations, you are guaranteed to find a presentation that matches your interest.

For a mere $10 you can catch a favorite or come back night after night for hours of virtual adventure. Help us pack the house for presentations that will take you to places you may end up adding to your bucket list.

Cannot make it the day of your favorite show? Call it a rain check or whatever you like, but we will provide a link to view presentations even after the Grand Finale closes the event on February 27. Sign up now and we will get you all the links you need to join our virtual QAS. Nobody will miss the show this year because of a last minute, Michigan winter snowstorm.

We do not ever want to repeat 2020. ‚ÄčA new year awaits. Let us help you fill it with new adventures in new places with new (or old) friends.
Photo of opening the gate last year on February 29 for QAS 2020, way back in the "good old days".

Williams Subaru, our 2021 Grand Finale Sponsor

Not only is Williams Subaru our Show Sponsor for QAS 2021 but they are also the Grand Finale Sponsor. Look for their logo as part of the program during the February 27 webcast.

Also look for promotional videos from Williams during our event. Williams has supported our event since 2005. If you need a ride for your next adventure, call Williams Subaru.

QAS 2021b - Newsletter - January 2021