Newsletter - Christmas 2020
by Gary De Kock

Countdown to 2021

For the last few holiday seasons, friends of QAS have gathered at EagleMonk Brewing for an evening of tall glasses and even taller tales. This year was an exception. A friend recently wrote that the last time she was in a crowd of people was on February 29 at QAS 2020. That was also the last time I was at EagleMonk. No QAS Christmas party this year but pencil one in for 2021!

We did make it to EagleMonk for our 2020 QAS After Party. The place was jumpin' with live music by our friends Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson. CLICK HERE or on the photo below to join in the sing along.

Our big news is that Williams Subaru is back as Show Sponsor for our 2021 event. Expect to see them recognized as part of each night's programming. We have invited all of our sponsors from last year to return and hope that you will see many front and center when February gets here.

Thanks also to Michigan Sea Grant for being the first organization to step up and purchase a 60 second slot for a promotional video. I think you will enjoy the occasional "word from our sponsors" before and after each presentation. Look for creative and informative promos from organizations that you will remember well as past QAS exhibitors.

Cliff is Back

Cliff Jacobson will be back with tips and tricks to keep you safe, dry, warm, and bug proof on your next adventure.

I know you heard him last year and the year before but I also know you already forgot half of what he said in his fast paced, don't blink or you will miss something style. So join us in 2021. With two presentations, you need to take home only one of his secrets to make you look like a hero on your next trip.

How Do I Get Tickets?

There is more good news to share in regard to QAS ticket sales. Online registration to participate will open on Monday, January 11. Visit our website, Quiet Adventures Symposium, to purchase your front row seat. Sessions are limited to 500 seats but that is still way more room than we ever had even in the Pavilion's biggest room.

Williams Subaru, our 2021 Show Sponsor

Williams Subaru was our Show Sponsor and the Main Stage sponsor at QAS 2020. It 2021, they are back again as Show Sponsor and you will also see them on Feb. 27 as our Grand Finale sponsor. Pictured below is part of the Williams team in the Subaru showroom along with the Northstar canoe that we gave away in 2020. 

Williams has supported our event since 2005. Together, we will help you find your next adventure

Keep Your Organization Front and Center

Since we will not be gathering in the MSU Pavilion, we will not have a traditional exhibitor floor show in 2021. Instead, we offer space for promotional videos in our virtual programming. If you do not already have a 60 second promo recorded, they are easy to make with PowerPoint or similar software. For an example, CLICK HERE or on the photo below to see a demo promo.

Promo slots in the virtual show are available for $25 per 60 seconds. Your prerecorded message will run either before or after one of the evening presentations. There will be just three slots per presentation or a total of 30 slots per evening.

All prerecorded messages from organizations are due by February 1, 2021. They must be 60 seconds or less and be recorded in an mp4 file. If you purchase a double slot for $50, the message can run up to two minutes. Please contact for details on message format requirements.

Verlen Kruger Award

This will be the 19th year that we present an award at QAS in honor of Verlen Kruger (1922 to 2004). Verlen was a world record canoeist from Delta Mills, Michigan. He was well known for his outstanding achievements and records in paddle sports, for bringing international awareness to our environmentally sensitive waterways, and for fostering stewardship of our treasured water resources.

Below is a photo of the early Kruger Award winners. From upper left they are Dave McCune ('05), Albert Schultz ('07), Jim Woodruff ('04) and Dan Smith ('08). Seated are Janet Gross ('05), Gloria Miller ('06), Karl Pearson ('09) and Mike Smith ('08).

The 2021 Kruger Award will be presented on February 27 during the QAS Grand Finale. Watch our website and Facebook page to see who will be honored in 2021. Please join us during QAS to celebrate one of our best.
QAS 2021b - Newsletter - Christmas 2020