Sponsor Opportunities

Want to promote your organization?

Since we will not be gathering in the MSU Pavilion, we will not have a traditional exhibitor floor show in 2021. Instead, we offer sponsorship opportunities and promotional space in our virtual programming.

The link below provides details on our sponsorship recognition packages. Additionally, ad spaces during the virtual show are available for $25 per 60-second slot. Your prerecorded message will run either before or after one of the evening presentations. There will be just three slots per presentation or a total of 30 slots per evening.

All prerecorded messages from organizations are due by February 1, 2021. They must be 60-seconds or less. If you purchase a double slot for $50, the message can run up to two-minutes.

Please contact Tammi Connell, EventManager@quietwatersociety.org for details on message format requirements.